Mandela the Great Icon

Mandela the Great Icon

A great transformational and motivational leader who believed in the selfless service of his nation and people, A man who sacrificed a great part of his life fighting for the freedom and liberation of everyone. A great human rights activist who knew and had the believe that the world will be a better place if we all join hands and respects the rights of all human beings be they black or white, rich or poor, young or old.
Mandela is a legend not because he had a good voice to sing, not because he was president, not because he went to prison but because of his humility and respect for one another. Mandela buried revenge and took forgiveness, he buried hate and took love, sacrificed gratifications at the altar of service and made South Africa in particular and the world at large a meaningful place to leave in.
Mandela remains a role model to millions around the world for he was not a boss but rather he was a leader who led with examples and did not ask someone to make sacrifices which he had not yet made or was not willing to make. He knew he was working on a deadly path when he was undertaking his mission to fight against apartheid but he had the conviction that the spilling of his blood at any point in time will enable change to happen.
Talking about change, Mandela was indeed a transformational leader who believed in change and ignored his status qua and presents gratifications to change the world. Key questions still remains; what will SA be had Madiba not made such a huge sacrifice, do we have other icons who can continue this great legacy that he left behind?

Adieus Madiba

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