Be Prepared at all Times

Be Prepared at all Times

cropped-photo-11.jpgThe worst thing that should happen to someone is for an opportunity to meet that person when the individual is not ready for it. Many miss out in alot of business opportunities which would have given them the opening to make more profit, but the fact that the opportunity came at the wrong time (because they were not prepared), they cannot take advantage of it. When an opportunity meets with a prepared mindset, an individual too on the other hand is skyrocketed.
This is the same thing that happens when a challenge comes your way and you are not prepared for it. Countries for example often suffer great attacks from their enemies or diseases because they were not prepared for such an attack. Some countries often have prepared emergency responses and contingency plans to be able to deal with such challenges when they do come. This level of preparedness could help mitigate the damage that would have been caused had there not be any contingency plan.
Society has also helped us to put in place some contingency plans for us such as health insurance in the event where you fall sick, credit card when you are out of cash, and 911 if you are under attack. All of these are only for the negative part, they are not proactive, but rather active. A successful man is one who is one step ahead of his society, who is able to anticipate an opportunity and take advantage of it.
If you learn to be proactive, you will always be prepared for any opportunity that comes your way. What then does it mean to be prepared? means you being able to force an opportunity before it comes and taking preparatory steps towards achieving it. That is, you need to learn to be the best in whatever you do, if you are studying, you have to ensure that you are the best so that in the event of a scholarship, you will be the right candidate; in doing business, you also have to learn that you need to maintain a good financial record and operate in an ethical manner so that in the event of a sponsor of outside investors, your business will be the first to be enlisted.
When opportunity meets with preparations, success abounds.

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