In a world where most people will have many task on their desk, the least mistake they do will make everything disorganised. As a business person, emotions should be kept aside and FEED your FOCUS. So many people find their business disorganised and do not know how to start fixing the mess. Following some interviews I had with few local business people, one of the … Continue reading GET ORGANIZED


Everyone wants to stand out but not everyone is ready to take the risk. Nowadays most business people have their business operating in their phones. They work from anywhere and at anytime. To those who have shops  you will agree with me that sometimes you don’t feel to well to go to your shop and so it stays closed. Clients come and they don’t meet … Continue reading CRISIS


It’s a little difference that makes a big difference. So in order for you to take your business above your competition, you have to be innovative. Make a difference and you will see a big difference. That little difference you take will either upgrade the business or bring it down and so you must always think over before you innovate. Don’t just go for change … Continue reading BUSINESS INNOVATION