Marketing Mix, What to Consider

The marketing mix is the combination of variables that a business uses to carry out its marketing strategy and meet customer needs. To effectively market a product or service there are four things you need to get right: Product Price Place and Promotion. These four elements are known as the marketing mix or the 4Ps. The four marketing mix elements should be viewed as one … Continue reading Marketing Mix, What to Consider

Taking Advantage of your Network in Business

When launching a new project or product, there is always the struggle of who becomes the first consumers or who will become your immediate market. A lot of marketing strategies are always being considered on how to effectively take the product to the frontline and make consumers believe in the product or service that are being offered. Amazingly, your immediate network could serve as your … Continue reading Taking Advantage of your Network in Business

Peer-Business Partnerships

Building partnerships that work is what young entrepreneurs should be doing these days. Businesses seldom succeed without the required financial and human resources and with current economic trends around the world, it is challenging for individuals to secure funding that could fully fund whatever business or projects they are undertaking. To solve this, young entrepreneurs should start thinking about how to best build peer-business partnerships … Continue reading Peer-Business Partnerships

The Blue Ocean Strategy and The African Market

Focusing on creating  Uncontested Market Space and Making Competition Irrelevant is the desire of every multinational corporation today and yet achieving it seems unrealistic to some companies. Some companies do this by creating unique new products and taking advantage of profitable new markets. This is very challenging as all the markets seems to be saturated (Red Ocean), but According to the authors of the Blue Ocean … Continue reading The Blue Ocean Strategy and The African Market


Top 7 Ways of Managing Diverse Teams Every multinational company today have workers with diverse backgrounds ranging from race, sexual orientation, skills, nationality and others. Managing such diverse teams is important to achieve maximum output from the team. I have therefore identified seven ways in which a manager can manage such a diverse team and maximise their output. 1. Ensure that the team share a … Continue reading TOP SEVEN WAYS OF MANAGING DIVERSE TEAMS