Employability Skills- What to look out for

It is important that you understand what employers are looking for and take steps to gain the right skills to meet such expectations Continue reading Employability Skills- What to look out for

Analysing Myself as a Leader

Through self discovery, peer and tutor review, I have come to the understanding that I am more of a transformational leader who believes in generating a purpose and working alongside his subordinates and or team members towards accomplishing it. Yukl (2010) indicates that such a leader articulates a clear and appealing purpose of the organization explains and acts confidently as well as express confidence in … Continue reading Analysing Myself as a Leader

The Trip that Goes Wrong

What do you take into consideration when planning an international trip? The luggage? the immigration officials? the airlines or the travel time? Going on a trip entails a lot of considerations. Do you ask questions on how any of the aspects would affect you or the trip in the event of unforeseen occurrences? This is something a lot of us ignore when we are planning … Continue reading The Trip that Goes Wrong

Become a Master of your life

How many of us are actually masters of our own lives? we have let the society, family, friends and circumstances to take total control of our own lives. We literary just wait and let things happen to us; instead of actually being the ones causing them to happen the way we want.  Be conscious today that you are the master of your own life and … Continue reading Become a Master of your life

Be the One to Make the News

In life, there are two categories of persons; those that make the news and those that publish it. Who are you then? Some people spend time announcing what others have done, criticising or praising them (and yes it is good to criticise or praise others) but forgetting that they too are expected or supposed to create their own news. Life was not designed for certain people to … Continue reading Be the One to Make the News